United Way Emergency Fund - NorthWest Alberta

What we offer:

Thanks to United Way of Alberta-Northwest, FCSS through the County of Grande Prairie FCSS, is able to offer an Emergency Fund program that extends to the Spirit River area. This program is meant for giving assistance to individuals and/or families requiring support in exceptional cases not covered by other agencies within the Grande Prairie area.


In order to access the program, an intake form must be completed along with the necessary documents stating that the individual/family is in an emergency situation. The United Way Emergency fund is not intended to provide long-term support and is typically accessed once per individual/family as a temporary emergency support.


Eligible Users:


The United Way Emergency Fund will provide funding in the following categories:



  • After all food bank sources have been accessed.



  • Over the counter, verified by pharmacist.

  • Doctor’s prescription.

  • Not covered by Alberta Works or other programs.



  • Rent Assistance for families with children (maximum of $500.00).

  • Damage deposits for families with children (maximum of $500.00).

  • Emergency accommodation for families with children (maximum 3 nights stay).



  • Bus tickets/gas vouchers for:

    • To go back home or to access a specific support system.

    • To a job if we have job verification.

    • To a medical appointment if we have documentation to verify.


Work Equipment

  • If the individual has job confirmation and an official request for:

    • Clothing

    • Work boot

    • Personal ID such as Driver’s License or abstract for employment related reasons.


Utilities (maximum of $300.00)

  • Gas

  • Power

  • Water

*Access to this program is only done through a scheduled meeting with the FCSS Coordinator during office hours.

Please contact us to book an appointment.