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Christmas Hampers

What we offer:

The Central Peace FCSS offers administration and volunteer recruiting for the effective distribution of the Christmas Hampers.


The FCSS Co-coordinator/Board will facilitate the distribution in the Village of Rycroft, Town of Spirit River, and the Municipal District of Spirit River, and the County of Birch Hills (west of range road 10). An application must be made which includes: Full Name and Residence, Number of residents at the location, Ages and Gender of children. You can find the application form at the bottom of this page.


If you live outside of the FCSS area, then applications can be sent through the administration offices of County of Birch Hills and County of Saddle Hills, who then facilitate the distribution of the hampers to their residents.


In 2018 we handed out a total of 44 hampers with gifts to families and individuals in our community, helping them  to have a great Christmas/Holiday season. In 2019 that number was 62 hampers! Due to the shutdowns of COVID-19, our numbers in 2020 was 86 hampers within all but Saddle Hills, who gave out about 39 of their own.


Central Peace FCSS wishes to express our thanks to all community members, businesses and municipalities for all of your donations and hard work.


We would like to thank all the volunteers who came out and helped with the sorting of food and building of the hampers, as well as the volunteers who helped hand out and deliver the hampers on the weekend before Christmas. We could not successfully get this amount of food and gifts to our residents without your dedicated generosity!


Food Drive: Volunteers will be placing red IGA bags on the resident's doors in Spirit River and Rycroft on Wednesday December 14th. Please place your items for donation in the red bag and leave on your doorstep visible from the street on Sunday December 18 at 2:00pm for pick up. If you choose to leave your donation early, we can collect them at the Spirit River Arena on December 17th during Hockey Day, or any of our hamper collection boxes placed throughout the communities, including drop off at the MD of Spirit River office and Rycroft Community Hall in the afternoons during the week. Collection will be completed by the morning of Dec. 19th. 

Christmas Hamper Applications are due into the FCSS office by December 7. Hamper delivery day is December 21

Secret Santa for Kids gifts can be sponsored after November 25, gifts due into the FCSS office by December 16

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